At AssessorIT, our main vocation is Service and our main asset, the Trust of our clients.
Our services are aimed at both SMEs and Large Companies.


We simplify the management of the company
In the case of SMEs, we understand that Information Technology can be arduous and often complicated even for the most seasoned professional. The jargon used and the vast offering of products and solutions are sometimes disheartening. Our mission is to free our clients from all technical complications and offer them simple solutions tailored to their real needs.

Big company

Systems, Communications and Security.
For Large Companies we focus on Systems, Communications and Security projects. We have more than 20 years of accumulated experience that we put at your service to design and implement the most correct solution at the most competitive price. We have specialized staff to work on your projects part-time or full-time at our facilities or yours. We work with specialized partners to solve any problem that may arise.
Servicios Cloud

Tenemos infraestructura de servidores físicos y espacio en Cabinas de disco para ejecutar los Servidores virtuales y aplicaciones del cliente, o para planes de contingencia empresarial. Lo llamamos APSC (AssessorIT Private Shared Cloud).


AssessorIT BOL es un servicio de Backup on Line que damos aprovechando la infraestructura de Alta Disponibilidad de APSC.


Con nuestro partner, Spamina, ofrecemos seguridad integral del correo electrónico en Cloud. Primero, se filtra y separa el correo electrónico bueno del Spam/Malware, todo en el Cloud, antes de que alcance el sistema de correo del cliente. El Malware más sofisticado se detecta y elimina mediante Sandboxing. Posteriormente, el correo bueno se entrega en el sistema del cliente. Opcionalmente, se puede archivar de manera inmutable por larga duración, totalmente certificado para temas legales de Compliance. Lo aconsejamos e implantamos, sea cual sea su sistema de correo, On-Premises (Exchange), en Cloud (Office 365, Google G Suite) o sistemas de bajo coste.

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