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APSC (AssessorIT Private Shared Cloud) is our platform and comprehensive Cloud Services framework, which allows us to provide from Teleworking systems through remote desktop (VDI) to hosting all kinds of services.

We began delivering Managed Cloud Services in late 2009 (long before the term Cloud became ubiquitous) with Citrix XenApp 6.5 for a public sector company. We published a fire control application based on Arcgis maps that had to be accessible to dispersed and mobile users throughout the province of Barcelona, ​​even from rural and forest areas. From there, we expanded our customer base with companies that wanted state-of-the-art computer systems, but were not interested in having infrastructure in their facilities, or investing in expensive servers, firewalls, backup systems, etc., but rather in focusing on your business and delegate the IT systems to a highly trusted specialized partner.

We have our own infrastructure of physical servers, UTM firewalls and space in disk cabinets to run virtual Servers and client applications in an environment of High Availability and Security. We have CPD (rented from our strategic partner ColtTelecom) in Barcelona (main facility) and in Madrid (contingency facility for clients who request it). We are currently working on Hybrid Cloud with Azure and AWS, but many of our customers do not want their data to be scattered across Europe.

Subscription and payment is by monthly fee. Only the services and software that the client needs are subscribed, although depending on the duration of the contract and the complexity of the environment there may be a start-up cost.

Variables that determine the final cost

– The contracted disk space and its type: SATA (Backups only) or Autotier (SSD, SAS, FMD).

– RAM memory and CPU’s, including all client virtual machines (vRAM and vCPU’s).

– The Internet input/output bandwidth. We have up to 1GBps dedicated to the client.

– The contracted software (Microsoft, Citrix).

– Duration of the contract.

– The value-added services (Administration and configuration) that the client wants.

* High Availability and backup are provided as standard. It is not possible to do without it to cut costs.

At APSC we can host:

Complete enterprise infrastructures with remote desktop services (VDI) or published applications (Citrix XenApp / Microsoft Remote Desktop Services) attacking file, database or mail servers also located in APSC.

Business Recovery Site (BRS): the customer can have replicated contingency servers available in real time from their on-premises servers.

Servers with Cloud applications such as ERP’s and CRM’s Open Source (Dolibarr or Open Bravo) or payment (Microsoft Dynamics).

Web servers that require specific sizing or guaranteed availability (Fault Tolerance). Turnkey, Ubuntu.

Websites disaggregated on several servers (Front and BBDD).

In short, the composition and configuration of the client’s environment is personalized and is made completely tailored to their needs. We do not provide a low-cost “commodity” service, but rather our differential value is to adapt exactly to the client’s needs and the required services, as well as to provide the subsequent operation and administration (managed services).

“Price is what you pay for. Value is what you get.”
Warren Buffet

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