Cloud Services: Teleworking

Complete and turnkey solution for Teleworking.

The only thing the client needs is a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), or Tablet (iOS, Android), and an Internet line (fiber, ADSL, 3G or higher).

We can supply you with the necessary equipment already configured.

Everything else is provided by us. There is no prior investment and we charge you a monthly fee as the only expense.

Tell us what apps you need and don’t worry about the rest.

We started with Telecommuting as early as 2009 (long before terms like Cloud or Telecommuting became ubiquitous) with Citrix XenApp 6.5 for a public sector company. We published Microsoft Office and a fire control application based on Arcgis maps that had to be accessible to dispersed and mobile users throughout the province of Barcelona, ​​even from rural and forest areas.

Based on the experience gained, we expanded our customer base with companies that wanted state-of-the-art computer systems, but were not interested in having infrastructure in their facilities, or investing in expensive servers, firewalls, backup systems, etc., but rather in focus on your business and delegate IT systems to a highly trusted specialized partner.

We can provide you with applications developed to measure for your activity, whatever it is in a monthly pay-per-use format. We have applications for Administration Offices, Property Administrations, Parkings, etc. All ready-made and requiring only one customization for each client.

Subscription and payment is by monthly fee. Only the services and software that the client needs are subscribed, although depending on the duration of the contract and the complexity of the environment there may be a start-up cost.

“Easy decisions, difficult life. Difficult decisions, easy life”
Jerzy Gregorek

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