Spamina Cloud eMail Firewall

Spamina Cloud eMail Firewall is a professional cloud email filtering service. Recently, Spamina has been integrated into the Hornet Security group, greatly increasing its possibilities and benefits.

It is the system that we advise and implement by default in our most demanding clients.

The client’s email is diverted to enter Spamina first, there it is filtered and cleaned of Viruses, Malware and Spam, and then it is forwarded to the client’s mail server, be it an Exchange On Premises system, Office365, Google Suite, or be it the typical low-cost ISP (Arsys, Nominalia, 1 & 1, etc.) where the Web and email accounts are usually hosted.

The mail considered SPAM is retained in a mailbox to which only the user has access. There you can consult it and decide if a specific message is SPAM or not, release it or permanently delete it.

Mail that clearly contains harmful Malware is permanently deleted.

The system can be administered in detail to configure mail filtering, white lists (domains / emails accepted by default) and black lists (domains / emails rejected by default.

Spamina is capable of filtering both INCOMING and OUTGOING mail, thus preventing a computer from our network infected with malware from spreading that malware, making us fall on a SPAM blacklist.

Spamina retains all mail that enters the client’s domain for several days, so it serves as a High Availability system if the client’s mail server goes down for several days.

In addition to mail filtering, Spamina has a mail archiving service capable of storing years and years of mail in an immutable way (Compliance compliant) that would otherwise collapse the client’s mail server, and an advanced threat detection system using Sandboxing technology: Spamina ATP. The mail that arrives with a suspicious link is opened in an isolated environment and it is verified that it is not a threat. It protects against threats such as Randsomeware (Cryptolocker) or the most sophisticated and undetectable Phishing with the usual mechanisms.

We are a specialist in the implementation of Spamina in all types of clients, regardless of their size.


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